If you are looking for enjoyable ways to maintain an erection, we have a clinically proven device for men. The pump is easy to use - just place the cylinder on your penis and pump out the air. The resulting vacuum activates blood flow and causes the penis to gain volume and length. With a pump, the result is short-lived and only visible during an erection. A water pressure pump should be tested for prolonged exposure.

The price of penis pumps

The materials, functions and options used in production, as well as the manufacturer, determine the price of the penis pump. The prices for classic hand pumps vary widely - from € 18 to € 45. Vibrating or automatic penis pumps are a bit more expensive and can cost up to € 90. The most expensive, but also the most effective because they give a long-lasting result, are water pumps. They can also cost € 100 depending on the model.

Penis pumps in the e-shop

Pump Worx, a manufacturer of sex toys, offers the largest selection of classic, vibrating and automatic penis pumps. Pumped and ToyJoy are great value for money. The highest class of penis pumps are Bathmate water pumps. In order to maintain an erection even after using the pump, use penis rings, which not only slow down the blood flow, but also allow you additional, pleasant sensations.

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