Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls , not diamonds, should be girls' best friends! These small, beautiful miracles can not only pamper you with the gentlest waves of pleasure, but also irreversibly change the intimate life of a couple. A. Kegel, a gynecologist who lived at the beginning of the 20th century, developed the Kegel training systemwhich not only strengthens the muscles of the uterus, helps with urinary incontinence problems and is recommended by gynecologists both when planning pregnancy and in the postpartum period, but also improves sensations during intercourse not only for you. But also for him! The amazing thing is that you can train with these balls anywhere, anytime - on the way to work, running or doing activities that are comfortable for you. Most balls have a weight inside, which not only makes them heavier but also creates a pleasant vibration effect - as you move, the weight moves in sync. Balls for Beginners For the beginners, it is recommended to choose plastic or silicone balls weighing less than 50-70 g or more than 3 cm in diameter. Such balls are easier to hold inside, they do not slip. When you feel like you can easily hold the balls inside, switch to heavier, smaller, more advanced balls.

Balls for advanced players

Love ballsfor advanced women can be made of silicone, plastic, glass or metal. However, they are small, usually up to 3 cm in diameter or heavier than 70 g. Small and heavy, so it takes a lot of effort to keep them inside. Many balls or ball systems are connected by a flexible connection with a cord, so that they are extremely easy to pull out. Vibrating balls Complete your toy collection with these truly amazing feminine accessories. These are even better balls that bring health benefits and pleasure at the same time. Vibrating balls are usually made of silicone, are charged, controlled by remote control or with the help of a smart device. These balls are suitable for both beginners and experienced members of the fairer sex.

Sets of vaginal balls

The most practical solution for women who want to try the Kegel training system. These sets consist of two or more balls, single or double, of different weights and sizes, so you can choose the most convenient combination of size and weight for you. By purchasing a set of vaginal balls you can get to the advanced level even if these are your first vaginal ballsVaginal balls in the online shop

In our e-shop, both experienced and beginners of the fair sex choose the balls for themselves. We recommend paying attention to the universal SVAKOM sets, the intelligent We-Vibe or Magic Motion vibration balls. For those looking for value for money, we recommend looking around for OVO or ToyJoy branded products, and for those who can indulge - luxury LELO or fun toys. For you, your mother or your best friend - because women only deserve the best ...

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